Stability Trainer Blue  Soft

Stability Trainer Blue Soft

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Soft Blue * 16 x 9 x 2 Shipping Carton Size: 16 L x 14 W x 4 H *Theraband© Stability Trainer is used to improve motor skills and balance particularly among the elderly and for knee back and ankle rehab * Two foam pads of different densities and one air filled cushion allow users to work through progressive levels by standing on a pad * The green Stability Trainer is firm and provides a beginning level of challenge * The blue Stability Trainer is soft and introduces an increased level of challenge to the user * For maximum challenge use the new extra soft black Stability Trainer. It is air filled to provide multiple direction displacement * One side offers rounded points for sensorimotor stimulation and its heavy gauge side walls resist the tendancy to roll the ankle during exercise

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